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The Jefferson County Composite Mountain Bike Team is dedicated to student-athletes.
Our goal is to provide a positive environment where riders of all abilities may develop strong body,
mind and character through the sport of cycling.

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Student Registration Opens – 4/1/24. Race dates can be found here


The Jeffco Billygoats are NICA team in the Missouri Interscholastic Cycling League.

We are a NO CUT middle and high school club sport for boys and girls. We practice in the summer and have races in the fall.

Check out the video with highlights from the 2021 Season!

Watch Coach Kurt talk about why he thinks NICA is so special and read his interview below.

Coach Kurt and his son Isaac

What inspired you to become a NICA coach?

My love of cycling and my desire to spend time with my son.

What is your most memorable NICA experience?

So many memories of students successes – pushing through their fear, anxiety and physical limitations to complete something that they never thought possible. When my son crossed the finish line in Warsaw in 2021 with excruciating back pain – he fought through and endured the pain to finish strong. I was so proud of his effort.

What happened on your first mountain bike ride?
At the time, I had a Trek 26” wheel mountain bike. It was pretty slow and grueling.

What is your favorite game or activity to lead at practice?
Foot Down – far and away! The students always want to play to see who is the best.

What is the most used item in your coach pack?

Cones – I use them for skill sessions, but they also work great for games- i.e. Foot Down. A close second is stack of cardboard boxes – for Cardboard Slide.

What is your favorite trail
The students love Castlewood State Park with it’s fast and flowing, challenging trails.

What is one thing that you wish you knew when you started coaching?

I did not expect that the students and their families would create such family of support and encouragement. Of all the student groups that I have lead/coached, this group of students and families have had the biggest impact on me and my life.

This short video gives you a taste of what fun awaits you on a mountain bike.

This is the best day of my life! I love mountain biking!

— 14 Y/O SON OF coach

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